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I am a freelance recipe writer, food preparer and stylist. is an amalgamation of recipes contributed by me, my family and friends, of varying cultural backgrounds and contrasting cooking styles. This site focuses on favourite dishes, old and new, which are either cooked regularly or loved for special occasions. Importantly they are recipes that people are cooking, and already have a special place on the shared table.

All recipes are tested and photographed by me to represent the food as it is cooked, fresh from the oven and kitchen.

My passion for fine food stems from my own diverse heritage and varied cultural experiences. Of Rarotongan (Cook Islands) and New Zealander heritage, I was raised in Australia and based in London for four years, during which time I travelled extensively throughout Europe and the South Pacific. I am currently residing in Sydney, Australia with my husband and three children.

To contact Taste Buddy please fill out the form in Contact Us. You can contribute a recipe too! This will be cooked, tested, photographed and updated for publication on the website as soon as possible -Send Your Favourite Recipe. If you would like to start a discussion or have a general query go to Questions and Discussions, or follow us on Facebook.