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Fast Roast Potatoes


My favourite potato dish, the most popular in this household by far. This is a quick and super easy way to have something close to chips that the kids love without any of the hassle. No peeling required, minimal prep, and you still get crunchy, delicious, roast potatoes within half an hour.  They will be devoured so make sure you make enough! Based on a recipe by Delia Smith.

Pictured: Fast Roast Potatoes
1 kg chats or baby potatoes, cut into 1cm - 2cm dice, just make sure they are even sized, no need to peel as long as they are well scrubbed and washed
2 - 3 tbsp light olive oil or your favourite frying oil
Generous amount of Maldon or Murray River sea salt
Pepper to taste
Optional - sprigs of herbs such as rosemary, sage, marjoram, oregano or thyme, a few garlic cloves whole but crushed
To enhance the flavours you can marinade the potatoes in the oil and herbs in advance. I tend to keep it simple with salt and pepper only as I find it suits all tastes - especially with tomato sauce!
Turn the oven on straight away as you are looking to reach a high temperature - at least 230°C to 240°C.
Find your largest tray that can fit the oven, lay baking paper over, and spread the potatoes out in a single layer.
When the oven is ready and hot, sprinkle every potato with some sea salt, grind a little pepper depending how spicy you like them and ad any of the optional items.
Place the tray on the top shelf of the oven  - they will take around 20 to 30 minutes depending on your oven - check them at 20 minuites for browning and if they are golden and crunchy give them a scrape and a flip and brown the blonde sides 5 more minutes or so - watch them every now and then to make sur eyou do not burn them as they are in a very hot oven.

Serves 6

Pictured: Fast Roast Potatoes - diced and ready for seasoning