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Artichoke and White Bean Dip with Flatbreads

I whipped this up as part of a middle-eastern banquet for a friend of mine on a dairy-free diet – it is very easy to do if you have a decent blender and can be done well in advance, just make sure to bring it to room temperature before serving. The flavour can be further enhanced with the use of top quality organic tinned/jarred artichokes and beans, if you can get your hands on them. The dip can be served with the dairy-free flatbreads as an easy starter or as an addition or side dish to most cuisines as part of a menu.

Pictured: Artichoke and White Bean Dip

1 tin/jar drained artichokes – can be marinated for extra flavour
1 400g tin cannellini beans, drained
1 – 2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil, depending on artichokes marinade - if in oil, use less olive oil in the blending
2 tbsp lemon juice
1 tbsp dried oregano, or 2 tbsp fresh
Salt and pepper

*optional - place the drained beans in a pan covered with water, bring to boil and simmer a few minutes, drain again. This blacnhing gives a cleaner flavour plus if you puree while warm it gives a smoother texture


200g self raising flour
1 tbsp olive oil
Juice of half a lemon, extra for serving
1 tsp fresh herbs – parsley, mint or coriander, chopped
Water to bind

Optional - blend in some olive tapenade or pesto for even more flavour

Process artichokes, beans, olive oil and lemon juice till mixture is smooth.
Season with the herbs, salt and pepper – tasting as you go to find the balance of flavour you like between the seasoning and lemon etc. The more oil you add the more “whipped” the dip will become.

Serve sprinkled with extra herbs and a little paprika for colour.


Measure out all ingredients directly into a large bowl. Mix and knead the dough while adding water til it is smooth and comes together.
Roll out in the shape of flat breads
Bring a griddle pan or a fry pan to a medium heat, fry the flat breads (no oil necessary) for a minute or two on each side.

Serve warm with lemon wedges - you could also sprinkle over some fried capers for extra zing.

Makes 2 - 3 cups, Makes 6 flatbreads

TasteTip - Globe artichokes are normally picked before flowering, whose violet-blue blossoms can grow to seven inches in diameter, and the inedible core known as the choke removed before the heart can be eaten. They are related to the thistle.