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Oysters Rockafella

While dining at the old Sebel Restaurant in Elizabeth Bay we ordered these beautiful grilled oysters. Based on our enthusiasm the chef happily wrote out the recipe for us. They take a little preparation but are perfect for a special occasion like Christmas while opening presents in the morning with a glass of champagne - as our family does every year. I love grilled oysters with Mornay sauce and this takes it to another level with the Florentine touch (i.e. spinach included) and aniseed liqueur – which marries so well with seafood. Sauces can be made in advance to ease the preparation time then spooned over oysters prior to grilling.

Pictured: Oysters Rockafella

3 – 4 dozen oysters
Spinach Mixture-
½ onion fine dice
2 cups chopped baby spinach
5g salt
5g white pepper
2g nutmeg
Cream Cheese Mixture-
200mls cream
100mls white wine
400g cream cheese

* Pernod is an aniseed based French liqueur, can substitute with Ricard or Sambucca.

Spinach Mixture - Sauté over gentle heat til onion clear and soft, add 2 nips Pernod and let cool.

Cream Cheese Mixture - Place cream and white wine in saucepan and reduce by half to 150mls, mix in cream cheese and cool.

Warm oysters under salamander or grill, top with spinach mix and warm again, top with cheese mix and cook til golden brown starts to appear.

Serve on a large platter with oyster forks or teaspoons and napkins.

Makes enough to fill 3 – 4 dozen oysters

Serves 6 - 12

Tastetip - The oyster continues changing gender throughout its life, and can take 3 years to reach a harvestable size.  Half a dozen oysters more than meets the daily recommended intake of iron, calcium, zinc, and a host of other minerals.