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Tuna and Tomato Quiche

So easy to make, particularly if you buy the pastry as well. I would never have thought to cook with a tinned tomato soup before but this works! I add a good dollop of cream or at least some milk to enrich the tomato flavour. The tart has a lovely sweetness from the tomato and would be a great addition to a picnic lunch. My kids love it.  Blind baking the tart shell would ensure a crisp base but not necessary as the below cooking times were spot on. It is just too easy this one.

"Oha, a recipe???? My favorite one is that cooked by someone else with the best of friends and good bottle of wine, but don't think that'll qualify? Otherwise, have to have this quiche with boxing day meal, cold meats and my 'Uncle Alf's' infamous croquette potatoes of which my Dad now does (that's a tradition that’s been going forever) In fact no boxing day would be complete without a 'cobblers' - a cocktail that Mum swears induced me, and as my Dad says, continued my life as I was born, late and asleep, that'll be the shanti, shanti."- Beth Abraham.
"Have never had a written version of recipe and cooking times have differed slightly depending on type of oven cooked in"- Beth Abraham’s mum.
Pictured: Tuna and Tomato Quiche

1x200g tin tuna
1x400ml tin cream of tomato soup
3 large eggs beaten
pepper to season
Pastry -
175g/6oz plain flour (or a half and half mix of plain and wholemeal)
75g/3oz margarine
2 tbsp approx. cold water
OR – readymade shortcrust pastry

Grease a 25 cm quiche dish. Preheat oven to 200°C.

Rub margarine into flour till it resembles fine breadcrumbs. Add sufficient water to bind mixture together and knead gently to form smooth ball of pastry. On a floured surface roll out pastry to form a circle large enough to line quiche dish. Line dish with pastry and trim edges. Leave in a cool place for approx 30 minutes.
(You could use a pack of readymade shortcrust pastry if you do not want to make your own).

Drain tuna and scatter over pastry base.
Add tomato soup to beaten eggs, add pepper to season and beat thoroughly. (If needed you can beat in a little extra milk to increase amount of liquid filling).
Pour over tuna filling.

Bake for 20 minutes in hottest part of oven in order to bake pastry base.
Lower temperature of oven to 175°C and bake for a further 20minutes.
The filling should have set. If not cover with tin foil and bake until set.

Serve cold.

Serves 4