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Kids Noodle Frittas

So easy and a great way to sneak in some veg with the noodles they love.

“For kids grub- feeds 3 hungry Bergman kids so quite a decent amount. Despite all kind of attempts at sophistication my kids like with tomato sauce. Kirsty’s idea originally by the way.” – Rachael Bergman.

Pictured: Kids Noodle Frittas

3-4 eggs whisked quickly
Vegetables- as many as you fancy but I usually put in a green and a coloured. i.e. frozen peas with corn (cooked with noodles to save on wash up), grated raw carrot with zucchini/spinach
Meat- my kids love it with bacon (cook it in frying pan before use pan for frittas- again the washing up thing) but ham or leftover cooked chicken works well
2/3 -1 packet 2 minute noodles- cooked for 2 mins

Add the precooked meat, vegetables and noodles to the whisked egg and mix up.

Heat some oil in frying pan (preferably a non-stick pan), add large ladlefuls of fritta mix (add a little more egg from the bowl if looks a little dry) and flatten gently to 1-1.5 cm thick. Cook for 3-4 minutes each side till lightly browned, similar to an omelette.

Cut into kid sized handfuls. (Can otherwise make one large omelette-sized fritta and cut up into large pieces)

Serves 2- 3 kids

Pictured: Cooking Kids Noodle Frittas