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Kale Salami and Cheese Quesadillas

Such a wonderful toasted sandwich – it has an amazing layered texture that is like a Mexican version of the Italian Piadina. You can add whichever ingredients you like that would work in a Piadina or toasted sandwich, you just need to have a layer of sticky, melting cheese between each tortilla wrap so the quesadilla can take shape and stick together to flip over.
Last camping trip I made a spinach, ricotta and feta one - mixing it all together in the spinach packet and adding an egg, or a simple cheese, ham and tomato works just as well - add a splash of tabasco!
This version was discovered for our pre-Christmas dinner last year to keep our appetites going yet not ruin the main event. Everyone adored it so much they said I had to put it on Tastebuddy!
Kale Salami and Cheese Quesadillas

4 leaves fresh kale, trimmed from the stalks and finely shredded
1 cup grated cheddar
1 salami – your favourite, whether spicy or not – finely diced
1 packet Tortilla wraps - I like to use wholemeal or seeded ones, any will do!

Have your ingredients ready.
Warm a wide non-stick frypan over medium heat – one that will fit the size of a tortilla wrap, you can buy mini ones if your frypan is too small.
Spray the bottom with some oil.
Lay one tortilla wrap down, sprinkle over your ingredients evenly, just enough to cover the wrap but do not over fill. Lay another wrap on top. Spray with a little oil too.
Once the bottom wrap has browned and the cheese starting to melt, flip it over and start browning the other wrap.
Meantime place another set of the ingredients evenly over the browned side and lay another wrap on top, spray with oil. Once the bottom one has browned you will flip it over again.
Slice and serve immediately.
If there is an extra wrap and you have enough ingredients you can layer once more and have 4 wraps rather than 3 in the quesadilla.
Makes 4 -5 quesadillas depending on how many layers you like for each one