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Kata’s Munja, Macedonian Chicken Soup with Tomato and Paprika

Authenticity in its basic form and just so simple and welcoming - makes you wish you always had a pot on the ready and "pop-in" visitors to serve it to.

"This recipe is by Angelo Varelos - my mother's partner. He'd proudly call himself a "Macedonian", and is very proud of his heritage. This is a great recipe - very easy, very satisfying, great for a weekend filler, must be eaten with lots of fresh bread... "– Bridget Nicholson.

Pictured: Kata’s Munja

500g Chicken thigh fillets or lovely legs, or veal - diced in big pieces
Olive oil for browning the meat
1 onion chopped up (not too fine)
3 garlic cloves chopped (Well! Actually to personal taste)
1 longhorn chili cut in medium pieces – a red one will give meal a little colour, these are not hot
4 medium potatoes - cut in long quarters down the long centre, two out of each half
1 or 2 carrots diced not too fine
Chicken stock to taste
1 sachet of plain tomato paste
1 tomato, roughly diced
1 tsp or more paprika (not heaped)
4 cups water (actually enough to cover ingredients, and then add a little more if it evaporates
Salt and pepper to taste

Pre - brown chicken with olive oil and brown really well and put aside.

In a 50cm saucepan brown onion and fresh garlic til softened, and then add chilli, then potato and carrot.
Continue browning for a minute or two.
Add chicken stock to taste and mix in.
Mix up tomato paste with cold water and add to soup.
Add diced tomato (you may need to add in a little more water to blend all ingredients).
Add pre browned chicken.


Add paprika and another clove of fresh garlic diced, continue cooking.

Add 1 cup water and reduce a little.
Add water to nearly cover ingredients; allow to cook for a while, approx. 30 minutes.
Add water again to cover and allow to cook slowly for around an hour. Meat must fall off the bone.

Meal should not be thick.

Should be served in a bowl to be eaten similar to soup. A nice fresh Italian loaf of bread would be great to go with this meal as it is great for dunking bread in.

“I hope you listened to Ange!” – AngeloVarelos.

Serves 4 but add an extra piece of chicken just in case the neighbor or someone drops in unexpectedly