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Angelo’s Marinated Olives

Olives are the easiest nibbler there is, always go down well with everyone and disappear while people settle in to the couch for a catch up before the meal. European migrants like Angelo Varelos from Macedonia have helped make beautiful olives like the Kalamata variety, my favourite, readily accessible here in Australia, we are all very lucky!

They need to be eaten the same day to appreciate the leek bite which is great.

"We always had a little bit of Australian feta and some nice big black olives on the table" – Angelo Varelos.

Pictured: Angelo’s Marinated Olives with chunks of feta thrown in

Kalamata Olives, say a medium container
1 tbsp of lite olive oil
Squeeze half or even a whole lemon
Pinch of paprika
1 tbsp of well diced leek

Wash olives and drain them well.

Mix it all up.

Dunk bread in.