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Haloumi Cheese Fruit Plate

 This is a surprising match that works so well - and the colours so vibrant it jumps off the plate. You almost don't know where to start! You must have berries as part of the fruit mix, and add your own favourites alongside. A perfect starter for a Mediterranean meal or a romantic dinner for two.

"Here is one of my favourites off the top of my head ... also a great wooing meal!
I first tried it at Chris's Beacon Point Restaurant, just out of Apollo bay on the Great Ocean Road, a really easy starter to get the tastebuds flying - do not serve too large a portion if you plan a heavier main" - Darren Major.

Pictured: Haloumi Cheese Fruit Plate, finished dish

Packet haloumi cheese - hopefully nice and salty
An exotic mix of fruits - mango, passionfruit, kiwi, banana, all varieties of berries etc. are the biggest winners - citrus fruits are not so good
Blueberries for decoration

Raspberry Coulis -
Packet raspberries - 250g, 1 tbsp sugar -
Puree raspberries with the sugar - depending on how sweet the berries are you may want to add more or less sugar, you also may want to add water or apple juice depending how thick or tart you like it- blend into a thick syrup. You can pass through a sieve to remove pips for a smooth consistency.

Place fruit elegantly on a plate.

Slice haloumi about 1cm thick, cook in a pan on med-high temp (not too hot or haloumi will burn and smoke in a couple of seconds) until nicely browned on both sides and soft through.

To serve, place cheese on plate with fruit, drizzle coulis over plate and make a small pool, scatter blueberries over all.

Serves 2-4 as entrée 

Pictured: Raspberry coulis