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Recipe of the week - Harira soup - with lamb, puy lentils, chickpeas and saffron

Harira soup - with lamb, puy lentils, chickpeas and saffron

A post Ramadan soup, it is filled with so much goodness.

It is my go to soup whenever I am asked for a recipe.

Beautiful flavours whether you use or omit the lamb for a vegetarian version.

Perfect now the cool change has come through too.

A one pot wonder.


Recipe of the week - Red dragon pie, vego/vegan Shepherd's pie

A Shepherd's pie that can be either vegetarian or vegan, based on adjuki beans.
I thought to post this after discussing the benefits of adjuki beans with my plant-favoured friends.
A hearty dish that everyone will love, especially as many of us like to eat meat-free more and more now too.



Recipe of the week - Sang choi bau

Sang choi bau

My enthusiastic 11 year old daughter is learning this tonight - it is that quick and easy plus the recipe is based on China Doll's (yum!)

Qquick midweek meals that are delicious are wonderful.


Recipe of the week - Pasta Puttanesca

Pasta Puttanesca

A tomato based sauce with punchy flavours that are amazing together - olives, capers, chilli, garlic and anchovies.

This is the no 1 requested dish by my husband hands down.

Freezes well to.


Recipe of the week - Walnut tart


Walnut tart

Autumn in a treat.

The texture of this tart is wonderful - French provincial cooking at it's best.