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Recipe of the week - Chachouka

Doesn't it look beautiful!
Based on a Tunisian classic, this is a beautiful vegetarian meal of baked eggs in a rich tomato, capsicum and bean stew.

Recipe of the week! Moussaka with roasted eggplant and zucchini

Moussaka with roasted eggplant and zucchini

Its a big birthday month and this is my favourite crowd dish I can make in advance and reheats beautifully. YUM!


Recipe of the week! An easy no butter no chocolate CAKE

An easy no butter no chocolate cake

i.e uses cocoa and vegetable oil, so no waiting for softened butter etc and is the quickest,easiest cake I know!

It is my go to (like today) for fund raising or last min b'day cakes.

It turns out even better the next day as it gets even more fudgy.

PLUS,don't forget to check out the quick access to Spring seasonal tips -


Recipe of the week - oysters mornay

Oysters mornay

The family favourite of all time!

Our Christmas starter, our beach time go to.. and everyone adores them.


Recipe of the week - Strawberry and cream yoghurt panna cotta

Strawberry and cream yoghurt panna cotta

Donna Hay cooking for kids - my 6 year old and I just whipped these up tonight ready for dinner party tomorrow!