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New Recipe - Hungarian Goulash with Parsley and Caraway Seed Dumplings.

Hungarian Goulash with Parsley and Caraway Seed Dumplings

A meld of all my favourite goulash recipes in one-some spicy and smokey paprika, added vegetables, and the dumplings are great with any stew too.

One more slow cooked meal before the weather changes.


New Recipe! Baked Whole Rainbow Trout with Garlic Pea Mash

Baked Whole Rainbow Trout with Garlic Pea Mash

Thank you Jez for the delicious recipe and pic!

The mash is so good, and I love trout, probably the fish i cook the most with all those health benefits and such delicate flavour. 


Recipe of the Week - Vichyssoise Soup (Potato and Leek)

Vichyssoise Soup (Potato and Leek)

A velvet-smooth, French soup that everyone loves.

It can either be served cold in summer or warm in winter.

I make it especially when leeks are abundant like now, and great value - à votre santé !


Recipe of the Week - South African Cornbread/Mealiebread

South African Cornbread/Mealiebread

Tt is picnic season as Spring begins and this is a favourite for family holiday time.


New Recipe! Slow Cooker Pork Belly Ramen

Slow Cooker Pork Belly Ramen

Yes ramen at home!

Stock up on the few Asian ingredients required and you can make many a pork ramen.

Substitute with pork shoulder for a lighter version.

Based on a recipe in Good Food of the SMH, this is so easy and delicious, my new favourite recipe.