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Recipe of the week - Champagne poached strawberries with rosewater

Champagne poached strawberries with rosewater

To support the strawberry farmers, plus to toast a cheers to any good news this week! 

A very easy dessert, and perfect for summer coming.


Recipe of the week - 7 hour lamb with pomegranate labna and harissa

7 hour lamb with pomegranate labna and harissa

So many great tips in this recipe, for tender lamb and home made labna - I just saw pomegranates in Harris farm which made me think of this recipe straight away.

Holiday roast time?


New recipe! La cervelle de canut 

La cervelle de canut

A French goat's curd and herb dip from 19th century Lyon.

Was a huge hit at our birthday party on the weekend - here it is everyone!


Recipe of the week - Semolina cake with ricotta and lemon curd


Semolina cake with ricotta and lemon curd

Kyla's bday cake last week!

She loved it.

Use any curd or citrus butter you like - last week I used a finger lime butter I was given.

Happy bday Kie: )


Recipe of the week - Pork Chops in a Bag with a Mushroom and Crème Fraîche Sauce

Pork Chops in a Bag with a Mushroom and Crème Fraîche Sauce

This method keeps the pork so tender and juicy, and is a great dish for a dinner party as it cooks away happily in its little bundle for an hour, while you have nibbles and mingle.