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Recipe of the week - Grilled scallops with a coriander and nut butter

Scallops are amazing at this time of year.

This recipe is based on a Rick Stein classic that I just saw on his menu at Bannister's in Mollymook south coast NSW !
So simple and so delicious.



Recipe of the week! Caramel slice

Caramel slice

It is cake stall time here and this is the no 1 pick!

Every step is actually very easy, just needs the time to put it all together. A

nd it is amaaaaazing!


Recipe of the week - Chorizo and peppers with chickpeas

Chorizo and peppers with chickpeas

Capsicums are amazing value right now and this is the first simple midweek dish I think of to make use of them - use a mild salami if you prefer it not too spicy.

Delicious with hummus on toast.


New recipe! Slow cooker Spanish lamb meatballs 

Slow cooker Spanish lamb meatballs

Another new slow cooker favourite- these are simply mixed, rolled, thrown in with capsicum, passata and chilli flakes - 6 hours later they are ready!

Sprinkle with roasted slivered almonds, serve with pasta or Spanish tomato bread.. Delicioso!


New recipe! Cacio e pepe popcorn

For those winter movie nights, this is the best flavoured popcorn I have ever had!
Melted garlic butter, tossed with Italian cheeses - Parmesan, Pecorino, and a good dash of fresh black pepper - It is just as good on hot popcorn as it is on pasta.


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