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Recipe of the week - Semolina cake with ricotta and lemon curd


Semolina cake with ricotta and lemon curd

Kyla's bday cake last week!

She loved it.

Use any curd or citrus butter you like - last week I used a finger lime butter I was given.

Happy bday Kie: )


Recipe of the week - Pork Chops in a Bag with a Mushroom and Crème Fraîche Sauce

Pork Chops in a Bag with a Mushroom and Crème Fraîche Sauce

This method keeps the pork so tender and juicy, and is a great dish for a dinner party as it cooks away happily in its little bundle for an hour, while you have nibbles and mingle.


Recipe of the week - Kale chips with coconut oil

Kale chips with coconut oil

From the Bondi Harvest cookbook, these are so easy and are really delicious!

A great crunch and the flavour mix is what makes them especially good.


Recipe of the week - Katie's chicken noodle soup

Katie's chicken noodle soup

Is it time for some immunity boosting?

There are a few sniffles and illness at this time of year, so I thought it was a good idea for this infamous soup.

So easy to make too.


Recipe of the week - Fish burritos

Fish burritos

A great family meal and with so much flavour, and so healthy!

Use your favourite fish, especially what looks good seasonally.

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