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Recipe of the week- Parsley squid and cannellini bean stew

Parsley squid and cannellini bean stew

By the River Cafe in London.

A fresh and hearty seafood meal.

I have seen amazing squid in the fishmongers at the moment too.


Recipe of the Week! Asian duck and mango salad

Asian duck and mango salad

Enjoy the last days of mangoes with one of my favourite dishes ever - plus it is super quick and easy once you have bought a Chinese roast duck.

Luv a Duck packs in supermarkets also work well here. 


Recipe of the Week - Ika mata - Rarotongan Raw Fish Salad

My family heritage, and in homage to my travelling mother who I miss today!
This is the most beautiful, freshest dishes, where the fish is "cooked" by the lemon juice and served like a salad.
Thank you to Trader Jack for his recipe here.

Recipe of the week - Cheesy scones

Cheesy scones

3 ingredients !

Super easy and a great snack, made with wholemeal flour and are delicious hot and fresh.


Recipe of the week - Not quite LCM bars! 

Not quite LCM bars

Back from summer holidays and starting to batch up for lunchboxes, here is one of my favourite healthy treats.

Made with tahini,vanilla, brown rice puffs, rice malt syrup, coconut, dark chocolate and goji berries!

They are amazing!

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