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New recipe! Slow cooker eggplant parmigiana 

Slow cooker eggplant parmigiana

I took the whole slow cooker dish to a lunch party and it all disappeared! It is so delicious!

The slow cooker melds the flavours perfectly and keeps wonderful texture in the bocconcini cheese.

Serve as the sauce with pasta, or alongside grilled chicken or like we did - a slow roast pork.



Recipe of the week - Banana bread

Banana bread

Left over bananas?

Either freeze them ready for smoothies or make this!


Recipe of the week - Harira soup - with lamb, puy lentils, chickpeas and saffron

Harira soup - with lamb, puy lentils, chickpeas and saffron

A post Ramadan soup, it is filled with so much goodness.

It is my go to soup whenever I am asked for a recipe.

Beautiful flavours whether you use or omit the lamb for a vegetarian version.

Perfect now the cool change has come through too.

A one pot wonder.


Recipe of the week - Red dragon pie, vego/vegan Shepherd's pie

A Shepherd's pie that can be either vegetarian or vegan, based on adjuki beans.
I thought to post this after discussing the benefits of adjuki beans with my plant-favoured friends.
A hearty dish that everyone will love, especially as many of us like to eat meat-free more and more now too.



Recipe of the week - Sang choi bau

Sang choi bau

My enthusiastic 11 year old daughter is learning this tonight - it is that quick and easy plus the recipe is based on China Doll's (yum!)

Qquick midweek meals that are delicious are wonderful.

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