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New recipe! Russian apple cake with a whisky sauce

Russian apple cake with a whisky sauce

This is probably my favourite apple dessert now.

It's super easy - you throw the sliced apples straight in, the batter is not too sweet and the whisky sauce I could drink on its own!


New recipe! Artichoke pilaf with olives and almonds 

Artichoke pilaf with olives and almonds

An Ottolenghi classic that I cook as the vegetarian option for most dinner parties now it is just amazing.

The green chilli sauce is worth making every week too!


Recipe of the Week! Twice baked cheese souffle with a Parmesan cream sauce

Twice baked cheese souffle with a Parmesan cream sauce

This for you auntie Mary Lou Herdson !

What a wonderful dinner party last night and these were a perfect way to kick it off.


New recipe! Tomato and almond tart 

Tomato and almond tart

A recipe by Ottolenghi, from his Plenty More cookbook, this celebrates the wonderful tomato beautifully.


New Recipe! Pecan fudge diamonds

Pecan fudge diamonds

A recipe from 1986 Gourmet Traveler, that was listed in their favourites, my daughter and I chose it for our holiday baking.

All the teachers and friends we gave it to loved it!

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