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Recipe of the Week - Fish Burritos ! 

Fish Burritos

A fresh, light summer meal which can me adjusted for any number of guests - perfect for this hot weather!


Christmas Recipes - Turkey Stuffing

Turkey Stuffing

Our family favourite for decades now - with bacon, herbs and pinenuts. YUM!


New Recipe! Colonial Punch

Colonial Punch

Infused citrus peel with sugar (pictured) adds the best extra layer of flavour.

This is a tea punch which is delicious chilled at this time of year, just leave enough time for it to cool down - a great party tipple for a crowd, and my favourite punch right now.


Recipe of the Week - Chocolate Roll

Chocolate Roll

A Christmas dessert idea that looks beautiful and is soooo delicious! I used to make this in my teens, it is that easy, and still my favourite dessert roll.


New Recipe ! Chocolate Coco Nutty Granola

Chocolate Coco Nutty Granola

From the I Quit Sugar Books - this is a great high protein brekky for those who want something special in the mornings - you can leave the chocolate out and it will be a coconut blend instead.

Makes a great big batch roasted in the oven. 

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