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Colonial Punch

I found this refreshing punch in the Good Food section of the Tuesday paper and it is so good!
Can be a kick starter to any meal or occasion and is such a fun way to welcome people into your home.
I love the tea flavours humming in the background, and the zesty citrus makes it perfect for summer, I even separated a few cups out fora mocktail for those preferring it free of spirits. 
Goes down well with summer especially, but i does suit anytime!

Pictured: Colonial Punch - infusing the sugar with the citrus rind overnight

8 lemons or mix with limes – peel off the rind in large pieces and juice
1 cup sugar – white or raw 
4 cups strong  Lady Grey Tea or Earl Grey if you love the stronger flavour
2 cups of your favourite spirit mix – rum, bourbon, gin –I like 1 cup Jameson Irish Whiskey, ¾ cup dry Gin and ¼ cup Triple Sec or any Orange liqueur
Sliced mandarin or orange to serve
Optional – freshly grated nutmeg to serve

Place the sugar and the peel in a large bowl (large enough to hold the tea later), cover with cling film, and let sit overnight – the sugar will soak up the oils from the peel and enhance the flavour beautifully
The next day, leaving enough time to cool the punch, boil the kettle and make the cups of strong tea and pour over the bowl with the sugar and peel – stir to dissolve the sugar and strain the peel out.
Place the tea mixture into the bowl you wish to serve the punch if it will fit in your fridge – or place in a container to go in the fridge while it chills. Add the lemon/lime juice and spirits you wish to use, and the slices of mandarin or orange, chill.
Serve chilled in glassware of choice and grate with nutmeg if using.
Serves 12 – 15