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Smoked Salmon and Vodka Pasta

An easy midweek meal for two or a great dish for a last minute dinner party– so easy and light, while using a star ingredient to make it a treat. Can easily double or triple quantities to feed a larger crowd.

"Inspired by a dish I had at cafe de l'industrie in the Bastille, Paris. I found this on the internet, and cook this when dreaming of Paris"– Stian Hjoberg.

Pictured: Smoked Salmon and Vodka Pasta

250g penne, linguine or spaghetti
½ small French shallot or 3 green tipped shallot/spring onions
125g -150g smoked salmon (also very good with smoked trout)
2 tbsp unsalted butter (or olive oil)
Sprinkling (say 1 tbsp) vodka, bandy or whisky (vodka brings crisper taste, brandy a little sweeter)
½ cup single cream
Salt and pepper to taste
Chopped curly parsley
Optional - finely shredded radicchio added with the salmon

Sauce takes about 5-7 minutes so check pasta cooking time and start sauce 8 minutes before pasta will be al dente.
Bring pasta water to the boil and prepare other ingredients in the meantime.
Sauté shallot in butter (or oil) until it softens.
Add smoked salmon and cook a minute or two stirring until it lightens in colour.
Sprinkle in the liquor and stir until evaporated.
Add the cream and heat through.
Check seasoning, add chopped parsley and stir through pasta.

Serves 2