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Conversion Tables

Oven use and temperature charts


160 degrees Celsius = 320 degrees Fahrenheit

180 degrees Celsius = 350 degrees Fahrenheit

200 degrees Celsius = 400 degrees Fahrenheit

220 degrees Celsius = 430 degrees Fahrenheit

(To calculate – e.g. 160C x 2, less 10%, add 32)

1 inch = 2.54cm


Using your oven


1. Conventional oven with no fan

This oven uses the top and bottom element but no fan. It's ideal for cooking large rich cakes where a lower constant temperature is maintained. Egg dishes like quiche and custards are also suited to this mode of cooking.


2. Conventional oven with fan (fan-assisted)

The top and bottom elements are used as well as the fan, providing faster, more even cooking than conventional cooking. This mode is suited to most food types. In particular, it is good for cooking food that requires either top or bottom heat concentration e.g. pizza, pies and pastry.


3. Fan-forced oven

When using an energy efficient fan-forced oven, conventional cooking temperatures are reduced by 20°C (this will vary between models). A shorter cooking time is usually required and the full capacity of the oven can be used, enabling you to cook several items in the oven at one time.

Some fan-forced ovens have two fan speeds. "Normal" fan speed setting is used for most foods while "Low" fan speed setting is used for foods that require long, slow cooking usually exceeding 2 hours (rich fruit cakes or turkey).

Fan-forced ovens have the fan situated at the rear of the oven with a coil element surrounding it. This allows immediate circulation of hot air throughout the oven enabling you to cook on all shelf positions, including the base of the oven. However, check your ovens operation manual as some models may vary in the way they operate.

4. Fan-grilling

This method uses traditional radiant heat above the food, while circulating hot air around the food. This cooks the food on all sides and keeps it moist. You can also bake other food types on the lower shelves while the fan-grill is in use.