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Chicken and Pistachio Nut Sandwiches

I hosted the most wonderful Christmas party in our backyard - great company and a surprisingly sunny day for Sydney this summer, perfect for all the kids to run around and swim in the paddle pools. I decided on a high tea theme so we could all mingle and feel relaxed while keeping one eye on the kiddies! Rather than the pressure to sit down together at the onetime which is nigh impossible with all the action going on.

I served these lovely sandwiches with other simple yet classic ones  - egg; ham, Swiss cheese and Dijon; cucumber; roast beef and horseradish; smoked salmon, cream cheese and capers; turkey, brie and cranberry, along with the home-made Chicken & Brandy Pâté.

Thankyou Tracy for the Chicken Sandwich recipe - I especially liked the touch of rosemary and lemon.

Pictured: Chicken and Pistachio Nut Sandwiches

1 Cold BBQ roasted chicken, shredded
Egg mayonnaise, good quality one  - a few good dollops to bind the mix, do not be conservative with the amount
Half bunch coriander
Lemon rind of 1 lemon
1 cup crushed pistachio nuts
Salt  & white pepper
1 sprig of young rosemary, very finely chopped

White bread and Butter

Put all the filling ingredients in a blender or chop very finally and stir together.

Place a large dollop of filling in between two slices if buttered white bread, cut off crusts and serve.

Makes 10