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Green Cheese Toasties

I was inspired by a delicious-looking toastie in the paper with the same name, by Jill Dupleix.  I loved the idea of gooey cheese melting amongst fresh, vibrant greens in a toastie – so I tried it and it is divine. I based my version on what I always seem to have in the fridge – especially left over steamed broccoli as it is one of the main vegetables I serve my children. Jill Dupleix especially roasts hers for which would be delicious, but left over steamed or roasted works just as well and is even better to be able to skip that step when hungry for a comforting toastie.  I love alfalfa sprouts too and have included here as they add the best texture. You can use any great melting cheese you like from bocconcini to Swiss or mozzarella – anything that melts beautifully under the grill that you have at hand.

Pictured: Green Cheese Toasties

8 slices of any good bread you have – a crusty sourdough is perfect but it works with any
500g broccoli, either cooked leftovers or roast to prepare (200°C for 15 minutes)
8 slices of cheese from Swiss, mozzarella to my favourite bocconcini (slice up the little white balls of cheese and spread over the sandwiches, you will need a whole tub
A good handful of your favourite leafy green, I like to use rocket - kale, or cavolo nero will work, but will need 5 minutes in the oven after or with the broccoli as above
½ a tub of alfalfa sprouts – use as much as you like, I like a lot
2 tbsp Dijon mustard
2 tbsp mayonnaise
2 tbsp pickled jalapenos, chopped (optional but they are wonderful)

Prepare the greens that you have chosen – use leftovers or fresh rocket, otherwise roast the broccoli or kale etc. if using
Arrange the bread on the bench, spread the Dijon over four of the slices, and spread the other four with the mayonnaise.
Top the mustard slices with the jalapenos then the cheese. Add the broccoli. 
Pile the rocket (or whichever leafy green you have chosen) and alfalfa over the mayonnaise slices, then press the two halves together.
Spray a sandwich press with oil or butter, place two sandwiches in at a time and press down firmly, cooking until you can see the cheese melting out the sides and the toastie is golden brown and smelling wonderful – it is a big toastie so this may take a few minutes. Repeat for the other two.
If you do not have a sandwich press, grease a frypan and place as many toasties as you can fit, then grease the top of the toastie with some butter or oil and squash down with another frypan, flip over after 2 minutes and cook the other side for 2 – 3 minutes.
Serve immediately to enjoy it while it is hot
Serves 4