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Potatoes in Cider

The aroma of this dish is fantastic! A slightly different take on the usual scalloped potato dishes (i.e. thinly sliced and layered for baking) like the French-styled Boulangères (baked with rosemary and stock) or Gratin Dauphinois (baked with cream), the cider being the twist here. I used Magners Irish Cider which I recommend, is a little less sweet and much smoother than Strongbow. A great potato dish as you can prepare and cook in advance ready to reheat, and is definitely a crowd pleaser. Goes particularly well with all pork dishes, as apple accompaniments tend to do.

"Yass tennis club special, keep a spare one in deep freeze"- Lisa Gunthorpe.

Pictured: Potatoes in cider

1 kg potatoes, peeled, thinly sliced
1 cup grated (sharp) cheddar cheese
60g butter
1 cup Strong Bow sweet cider
Salt and Pepper
Note - Can adjust cheese and cider if making larger amounts

Preheat oven 170°C.

Grease ovenproof dish with butter.

Place half the potatoes over base of greased ovenproof dish.
Sprinkle with half the cheese and season
Make as many layers as you like, finish with cheese on top and dollops of left over butter.

Pour over cider.

Bake slowly about 1 hour. You can grill the cheese on top for further browning.

This dish reheats well, and can freeze.

Serves 6

Pictured: Potatoes in cider ready for baking

TasteTip - Potatoes are not mentioned in the Bible, therefore they were viewed with suspicion by Scottish and Irish Protestants. To circumvent this Catholics sprinked the potato seeds with holy water.