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Lemon Cream Veal

Romantic meal for two. The simple sauce brings out the best of the delicate veal - to be treated with respect. A Davies family favourite which my sister Kyla cooks to perfection. Keep accompaniments simple - in summer a simple green salad will do, and maybe some mash potato to soak up some of the extra sauce - recipe provided by Kyla Davies.

Pictured: Lemon Cream Pork or Veal

¼ cup plain flour
A good pinch salt
A good pinch pepper
2 veal escalopes, can substitute with pork
Splash white wine
100 ml cream
Juice from 1 lemon

Mix flour with salt and pepper, dip veal escalopes into mix, shake off excess and panfry in a hot pan with a little butter and oil til golden – put aside.

If using pork, you may want to pound it a little and tenderise it with a mallet between baking paper.

Turn the heat down low and deglaze the pan with a little splash of white wine. 
Pour in cream and bring to boil.
Let cream bubble just above simmering temp whilst it thickens and add some more salt and pepper, and lemon juice to taste.
Garnish with chopped Italian parsley or finely chopped chives. YOu can add some capers too for extra flavour.
Serve straight away.

Serves 2

 Pictured: Lemons