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Favourite Kids Recipes

Never-fail Pumpkin Soup - a rounded meal in one pot
Basil Pesto - a kiddy favourite
Cheesy Scones - so easy to make and a healthy snack
Hummus - great for dipping with raw carrot etc
Lemon Cordial - preservative free!
Mealiebread, South African Corn Bread - all kids love corn
Mini Quiche - easy finger food
Zucchini Slice - a great way to sneak in some vegies and very transportable
Tuna and Tomato Quiche - for those who love tinned tuna
Zucchini and Feta Spiral - won recipe of the month on Huggies site
Pete's Bolognese Sauce - adjust the wine content to extra tomatoes and stock
Aromatic Roast Chicken Breasts - the vanilla infusion will suit young tastes too
Kids Noodle Frittas - a healthy way to eat 2 minute noodles, quick and easy to make
Kumara Casserole, New Zealand Sweet Potato Gratin - cheesy sweet potato bake, yum!
Potato Cake - crunchy potato side dish the whole family will enjoy

Smoked Trout Fishcakes - mixed with mash and crumbed - always a winner


Apple Fritters for a Junior Cook - a great first recipe to try plus delicious
Crumble - a great way to enjoy seasonal berries and fruit
Pikelets with Vanilla Pears and Sweetened Ricotta - all kids love pikelets!
Semifreddo with Maltesers, Meringue and Almonds - easy and fun ice-cream
White Chocolate & Nutella Croissant Cake - a special treat
Yoghurt Fruity Icy Poles - wonderful healthy treat in summer
Auntie Ngaire's Fudge Slice - the classic hedgehog!
Banana Bread - a good tummy filler on the road
Butterscotch Biscuits - a good one for them to try in the kitchen
Chewy Cranberry Bars - make your own for their lunch boxes
Coconut and Date Slice - a favourite slice for adults too, a simple one bowl recipe too
Easy Chocolate Slice - one of the first I learned in home ec classes
Greatest Chocolate Chip Cookies Ever - great for parties
Lemonade Scones - easy recipe and a fun way to learn these simple treats
Playdough - a little fiddly to make but wonderful knowing it is all natural for your little ones
Shortbread - a great one for those with egg and nut allergies
Banana Cake - great for those left over bananas, especially as I always buy in bulk
Cupcakes - based on the Donna Hay classic
Passionfruit and White Chocolate Muffins - simply delicious, what a lovely combo