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Yoghurt Fruity Icy Poles

These are a great and simple treat, for the kids especially although adults enjoy them too. The icy pole moulds are easy to find in supermarkets and specialty stores. Once you start making these you can come up with your own flavours and layer them as you like - leave a good 30 minutes in the freezer between each layer to firm up.

Pictured: Yoghurt Fruity Icy Poles

150g raspberries/blackberries or strawberries 
1 - 2 tbsp honey or maple syrup  - depending how tart the fruit is
600g yoghurt

optional - ½ cup water, rice milk or almond milk if mixture is too thick

Prepare berries - hull and wash.
Blend yoghurt and 1tbsp honey/maple syrup. Add the berries and half a banana if you have it to stabilise the mixture further. Blend until smooth. Add the water/rice milk/almond milk if you feel the mixture is too thick, you do not want it runny however, more like a thick milkshake. Check if it needs the extra tbsp of honey/maple syrup. Pour into 75ml capacity icy pole moulds and freeze overnight.

Sometimes I just blend whatever fruit is starting to turn and I keep it simple - two mangoes, some yoghurt, juice of 1 orange and some rice milk - no honey required as the mango and orange are so sweet.

Or - just banana, yoghurt, honey and almond milk. 

Blend whichever ingredients you picture will make a great smoothie and freeze it!

Makes 14 - 16 icy poles

Pictured: Enjoying a Yoghurt Fruity Icy Pole!