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Vegemite and Cheese Toasties

This is an old family favourite that we adored as kids. My Aunt May used to have a stash waiting for us every time we visited her in New Zealand. The key to these is slowly, slowly crisping up the toasts in the oven without browning or burning the cheese til all the moisture is gone – they will be super crunchy and will also keep in an airtight container for ages – depending on how quickly they are munched up of course!

Great recipe for using up left over bread, as well as a great kiddy snack to have at a party - these were served at my Christmas High Tea.

Pictured: A tray of Vegemite and Cheese Toasties in the oven

1 loaf of bread – any will do
Grated cheese – 1 cup or so depending on how cheesy you like them and how much bread you have to use up

You can spread a little butter or spray some oil over the bread slices followed by the vegemite- as thick or as thin as you like.

Slice the bread into any shape - squares, triangles etc and lay them on a tray that is covered in foil (to catch any loose cheese that melts) – they will not spread so you can squish them together – the closer the better to ease the sprinkling of the cheese.

Add the cheese to make sure a little is on each piece.

Place in a low oven – max 80 °C – and let cook slowly for hours without browning.

They are ready once they do not feel soft at all and are all crunch. Leave them til this point or else they will not keep as well in the container or stay crunchy and will turn soft.

Makes as many as you like!