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Ginger Puddings with Caramel Ginger Sauce

These are awesome! My favourite dessert to follow an Asian meal, but are great with any cuisine really, especially divine in the colder months, as warm puddings are. They actually come out looking like a soufflé but with a fraction of the effort.  
Every single person I have cooked these for has asked for the recipe and commented how delicious they are.
They do make an odd number of 5, but the extra one is either a treat for that one guest who wants to indulge further, or it reheats well the next day in the oven  in a small baking dish with boiling water ½ way up sides – keep a little sauce left over just for it. My daughters had the chance to try the extra one and have even asked this to be the next birthday cake! (One per person of course)  It must remind them of gingerbread, but even more heavenly for them being warmed with some vanilla ice cream.

To note – I like to prepare the ramekins/pots in advance with the batter poured in, up to a few hours earlier ready to go in the oven (except for the boiling water step which I add just as I am placing them in the oven to cook). They still rise just as well. I also measure all the sauce ingredients ready in a small saucepan to simmer the few minutes once puddings are cooked. I like to start baking them just as I have served dinner on the table, so 40 minutes later dessert is ready, which tends to be perfect timing.

Pictured: Ginger Puddings with Caramel Ginger Sauce
Butter, for greasing 5 pots
5 tsp golden syrup
125g butter, diced
125g light brown sugar
2 large eggs
½ tsp vanilla
125g self-raising flour
60ml milk
2 tsp ground ginger
2 tsp ground cinnamon
2 tbsp Japanese pickled ginger, finely diced
Caramel Ginger Sauce-
2 tbsp each of -  golden syrup, butter, cream/full fat milk,
1 tbsp Japanese pickled ginger, diced

Preheat the oven 180°C, boil the kettle.
Lightly butter 5 x 150ml ovenproof pots or ramekins, place 1 tsp golden syrup in each. ( I like the squeezie bottles of golden syrup to make this step even easier)
Beat butter and sugar til creamy, then beat in the eggs one by one along with the vanilla.
Fold in sifted flour and milk alternately to make smooth batter. If it is very stiff, add dash more milk. 
Fold in the ground ginger, cinnamon and pickled ginger.
Spoon mix into pots til almost full, place in nice fitting baking dish or tray, place in the oven then fill with boiling water ½ way up the sides of the ramekins/pots, bake 40 minutes (until they spring back to the touch).
Caramel Ginger Sauce -
Measure all ingredients into a small pan, simmer 3 mins, stirring. Pour into a serving jug.
If I have cream I will use it, if not I use full fat milk, which makes a thinner sauce but still has all the flavour required.
Pictured: Caramel Ginger Sauce ingredients
Place the puddings on a serving plate per person alongside a small bowl of vanilla ice cream, with the jug of sauce in the middle of the table to pour over the pudding once it has been cracked open a little.
Serves 5
Pictured: Ginger puddings ready for the oven