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New recipe! Harissa mixed seed and sweet potato muffins

Harissa mixed seed and sweet potato muffins


A Donna Hay recipe, I love a savoury breakfast/brunch and a new way to enjoy sweet potatoes.

Add some spicy salami as per the photo or keep it vegetarian.


New recipe! Mushroom and ricotta galette 

Inspired by seasonal mushrooms, this simple tart is perfect right now.
With a great mix of cheeses and herbs, it is packed full of flavour too.

Recipe based from an autumnal Gourmet Traveller magazine.



New recipe! Slow cooker eggplant parmigiana 

Slow cooker eggplant parmigiana

I took the whole slow cooker dish to a lunch party and it all disappeared! It is so delicious!

The slow cooker melds the flavours perfectly and keeps wonderful texture in the bocconcini cheese.

Serve as the sauce with pasta, or alongside grilled chicken or like we did - a slow roast pork.



Recipe of the week - Banana bread

Banana bread

Left over bananas?

Either freeze them ready for smoothies or make this!


Recipe of the week - Harira soup - with lamb, puy lentils, chickpeas and saffron

Harira soup - with lamb, puy lentils, chickpeas and saffron

A post Ramadan soup, it is filled with so much goodness.

It is my go to soup whenever I am asked for a recipe.

Beautiful flavours whether you use or omit the lamb for a vegetarian version.

Perfect now the cool change has come through too.

A one pot wonder.