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Recipe of the week - Chinese cucumber and celery pickles 

Chinese cucumber and celery pickles

It is cucumber season and pickles are the best accompaniment these days, and so simple.

Another Neil Perry recipe, that I serve with any Chinese meal now - it just rounds the whole meal off perfectly.


Recipe of the week! Smoky pulled pork

Smoky pulled pork- with a pic of the crackling!

Thank you for reminding me about this Daniela !

This is great for a dinner party or lunch, with fresh bread rolls and coleslaw you have one the best sambos ever.


New Recipe! Prawn cocktail

Prawn cocktail

One the best seafood classics ever.

I know we will be having this Christmas Eve and my sister Kyla Davies will be very happy.


Recipe of the week - Smoked trout paté

Smoked trout paté

Party time is coming up!

This is a favourite nibble I always have to kick start with the first drink - you only need three ingredients to whip this up and it's delicious - a hot smoked trout, sour cream/Crème Fraîche and lemon juice.

Tooooo easy!


Recipe of the week - Steak spice rub

Steak spice rub

A mix by Matthew Evans the Gourmet farmer, this is a super easy way to add huge flavour to a simple dinner - I give away little sachets for pressies too for those steak lovers.

I think I recall Matthew Evans called it Hot Lips Houlihan spice rub!