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Recipe of the week - fudge slice aka hedge hog!

Auntie Ngaire's fudge slice -  aka hedge hog!

An easy and yummy treat.


New recipe! Goats cheese spinach and truffled celeriac lasagne

Goats cheese spinach and truffled celeriac lasagne

A Neil Perry vegetarian winter warmer bonanza. Delicious!

And gets even better the next day so can make in advance to feed a crowd.


Recipe of the week! Tiropita, Greek cheese pie

Just like Spanakopita, the spinach and cheese pie, this is a filo based delicious cheesy pie with a hint of mint - as I think about my travelling friend in Meteora, Greece right now!
I wish I was there! So instead I am going to cook this today.
Happy and safe travels!

Recipe of the week - Carrot and mint soup

Carrot and mint soup

I grew up with this soup and we all loved it, the mint adds the most wonderful fresh dimension to the sweet carrots, and with only a handful of ingredients it is super easy to make.


Recipe of the week - Crumbed cauliflower

Crumbed cauliflower

My Slovakian friend gave me this recipe and it works so well!

The cauliflower cooks perfectly in the time it takes to brown nicely in the pan.

A great way to introduce this vegie to kids too