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New recipe - Whipped Ventresca tuna butter 

Whipped Ventresca tuna butter

Ventre means belly in Italian and the tuna belly is preserved into the best tinned tuna you can find.

I substitute with Sirena often and it is sill a delicious spread for either a classic Tramezzini (Italian mini sandwiches), or with your favourite crackers as an amazing dip.

Recipe based on one by the providore Simon Johnson.


New recipe! Strawberry and cream yoghurt panna cotta

Strawberry and cream yoghurt panna cotta

From Donna Hay's Basics to Brilliance Kids tv series - this caught our eye, especially my 5 year old.

The recipe was fantastic!

We all loved it. Only a few ingredients and very easy to make together.


New recipe! Walnut cake with a hint of cardamom and orange

Walnut cake with cardamom and orange

Another new favourite cake that I love making in advance for big dinner parties as it is not only delicious, dense and moist, but it is light and gets even better the next day.

Great with coffee too.


New recipe! Lemon raspberry drizzle loaf cake by Helen Goh

Lemon raspberry drizzle loaf cake

Use the last of the raspberries for this beautiful summer cake.

Helen Goh is Ottolenghi's favourite baker who called this her desert island cake, due to its simplicity and wonderful texture - I agree! 


Recipe of the week - Ottolenghi tomato and almond tart-

Tomatoes are amazing right now, make this recipe with your favourite variety.
So simple.
Also celebrating his recent visit to Australia.