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Recipe of the Week - Fish burritos

Fish burritos

Seafood comfort food, yet so light and fresh with the beautiful salads.


Recipe of the week - Grilled scallops with a coriander and nut butter

Grilled scallops with a coriander and nut butter

I saw some beautiful scallops in their shell at the fish market, all they need is a delicious butter and quick grill, perfect...


Recipe of the Week - Harira soup

Harira soup

Served to break the fast after Ramadan, it is one of those special meals that is so nourishing and soothing.

Traditionally made with lamb, however it is just as delicious if you want to omit this and make a vegetarian/vegan version, it has so much going on with the puy lentils, chickpeas, saffron, ginger, cinnamon..perfect for this cold weather too.


New recipe! Overnight pork roast with fennel and green olives

Overnight pork roast with fennel and green olives

Yes you cook this on low 100°C oven all night, for a tender roast pork lunch the next day.

I crisped up the crackling when ready to serve.

It is amazing and delicious!

From the Gourmet Traveller magazine.


New Recipe! Oaty ginger crunch


Oaty ginger crunch

Found in an old NZ Cuisine magazine, from the 2015 cafe of the year in Queenstown, Bespoke Kitchen. This has been a winner for everyone !