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Recipe of the week - Katie's chicken noodle soup

Katie's chicken noodle soup

Is it time for some immunity boosting?

There are a few sniffles and illness at this time of year, so I thought it was a good idea for this infamous soup.

So easy to make too.


Recipe of the week - Fish burritos

Fish burritos

A great family meal and with so much flavour, and so healthy!

Use your favourite fish, especially what looks good seasonally.


Recipe of the week - Grilled scallops with a coriander and nut butter

Scallops are amazing at this time of year.

This recipe is based on a Rick Stein classic that I just saw on his menu at Bannister's in Mollymook south coast NSW !
So simple and so delicious.



Recipe of the week! Caramel slice

Caramel slice

It is cake stall time here and this is the no 1 pick!

Every step is actually very easy, just needs the time to put it all together. A

nd it is amaaaaazing!


Recipe of the week - Chorizo and peppers with chickpeas

Chorizo and peppers with chickpeas

Capsicums are amazing value right now and this is the first simple midweek dish I think of to make use of them - use a mild salami if you prefer it not too spicy.

Delicious with hummus on toast.