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Recipe of the week - Not quite LCM bars! 

Not quite LCM bars

Back from summer holidays and starting to batch up for lunchboxes, here is one of my favourite healthy treats.

Made with tahini,vanilla, brown rice puffs, rice malt syrup, coconut, dark chocolate and goji berries!

They are amazing!


Recipe of the week - Bocconcini with a creamy mint dressing

Bocconcini with a creamy mint dressing

A fresh, summer starter with one of my favourite cheeses.

If you have the budget replace with Burrata or Buffalo Mozzarella for extra decadence.


Recipe of the week - Tiramisu 

Inspired at lunch with my daughter today who tried this for the first time, I remembered how delicious this dessert is!
She suggested I post my recipe.
I am, especially as it is one that is even better the next day so can be made in advance - in one large or many individual pots - perfect for Christmas or New years parties.



Recipe of the week - Quick puff pastry parcels with tomato feta and basil

Quick puff pastry parcels with tomato feta and basil

An easy entertaining idea.

Replace the cheese with ricotta or mozzarella, or a mix of any of the 3.

Great summer nibble.


Recipe of the week - Dukkah


Another homemade present idea, or just because you love it.

Such a versatile cupboard ingredient, made with your favourite nuts and spices.