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Recipe of the week - Sri Lankan sweet potato curry

Sri Lankan sweet potato curry

I am making this tomorrow (with my fresh curry powder direct from Sri Lanka thank you Sabina and Pascal!) 

Recipe from Flying Fish in the days of Peter Kuruvita.

You serve little bowls of curry sauce with pan fried snapper fillets and rice - the recipe is so versatile once you have the curry sauce, serve on it's own for vegetarians or chicken for those who prefer..


New recipe! Yves's fish stew

Yves's fish stew
Yves is from Antibes in the south of France, and his fish stew is simple rustic cooking at it's best.

The fish is actually cooked slowly for 45 minutes and becomes meltingly tender, and anchovies are used to punch up the base flavour rather than fish stock - smart cooking.


New recipe ! Family beef tacos

Family beef tacos

This is the biggest hit in our house at the moment! I have finally nailed the simple flavours in the sauce where it has great depth of flavour, yet not too much going on for my 6 year old. We love a mix of taco shells and soft wraps - lots of condiments, and where you will find the chilli kick in some pickled jalapenos.


Recipe of the week- Vichyssoise soup, smooth and creamy leek and potato soup

Vichyssoise soup

One of the best soups ever I believe.

Leeks are a pick this week in the stores so I am making this today!


New recipe! Slow cooker pork rolls wrapped in prosciutto

Slow cooker pork rolls wrapped in prosciutto

Stuffed with roast capsicum, mozzarella cheese and fresh sage leaves, browned in a pan, then slow cooked in an Italian tomato sauce - an easy meal for 4 or part of a large party- delicioso!