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Recipe of the Week - Mini Quiche

Mini Quiche

These are the easiest little morsels to make and are so versatile - remove the bacon for a vegetarian version, remove the chilli for a kiddy friendly one, or follow this recipe as is for a great snack or cocktail starter. Must be eaten fresh, therefore reheat in oven to crisp up again if necessary.

All recipes in Taste Buddy are cooked, tested and photographed by Chelsey Davies, creator of Taste Buddy.


Recipe of the Week - Roast Lamb Indienne

Roast Lamb Indienne

I love creating an Indian feast for a dinner party - whether for 4 people or 12 - and this dish as centre stage is fantastic. It is so aromatic and the marinade really becomes one with the lamb. There is something special about Indian aromas in the kitchen all day as the meal comes together too.

I serve this always with yoghurt and my favourite shredded mango pickle from the Fijian Market in Newtown (Mother's Recipe). Is lovely with simple couscous or a basmati pilau - toast the rice in a little vegetable oil with a stick of cinnamon, a couple of cloves and cardamom pods, some salt, then add the water and cook according to instructions (I even make this in a rice cooker with the switch on warm to toast it then add the water etc).

I also believe all Indian meals need a dahl and a green - the Pumpkin Dahl with Basil and Split Peas is just brilliant, and the Spinach with Tomatoes and Coriander caps the meal off.

I was given three lamb leg, Indian-style recipes and on choosing which to publish this was the winner by far.

All recipes in Taste Buddy are cooked, tested and photographed by Chelsey Davies, creator of Taste Buddy.


Recipe of the Week - Whole Orange Cake with Sugared Almond Topping

Whole Orange Cake with Sugared Almond Topping

It has been raining and that means great time for baking! Along with the citrus season I thought this was the best baking recipe to pick right now - the texture and flavour of this delicious cake is fantastic. There is also a tart, gluten-free version included. This cake has a wow factor and worth every minute of prep - not too difficult though. You could even substitute the oranges for mandarins for something different and serve warm with some chocolate ice-cream. Yum!!


Recipe of the Week - Chorizo and Peppers with Chickpeas

Chorizo and Peppers with Chickpeas

A hearty mid-week meal with that unique chorizo kick. This is an easy meal and so satisfying, one of my regular favourites.

Another favourite chorizo recipe is to fry sliced coins of chorizo on a hot plate or BBQ next to un-shucked oysters as they steam open like mussels with the heat - grab a toothpick or oyster fork, pierce a slice of chorizo with an opened oyster and eat!


Recipe of the Week - Fish Tagine including Preserved Lemon Recipe

Fish Tagine including Preserved Lemon Recipe

This is so easy for a special evening dinner party, and a one pot meal too. Don't worry if you don't have your own tagine, a casserole dish will work just as well as long as you can seal it tightly to lock in the flavours. Is the season of citrus so am highlighting this recipe to encourage you to make your own preserved lemons also, while seasonal and cheap - all you need are some good sterilised jars, lemons and sea salt ! Too easy! And at min $12 a jar you will save a bundle - keep in mind it takes 5 or so weeks to preserve so if you want to make this dish tonight you will need to find some in the store, and they are readily available now in good delis - David Jones Food Hall for example.