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Christmas Baking Gifts - Caramel Slice

Caramel Slice

Is there anything better than this old favourite!

I like to use dark chocolate when making it for adult taste buds. It does take some prep work but the effort shows, which is what makes it such a great gift.



Recipe of the Week - Tempura Whiting

Tempura Whiting by Gyton Grantley

He cooked this last night and my brother Gaz could not stop talking about it!
And he caught the fish himself from the rocks off North Bondi!
I love it. From sea to plate by Gydie


Questions and Discussions

Feel free to create a post and start a thread etc, Katie has kicked it off with requests for kangaroo recipes -

Questions and Discussions


New Recipe! Sang Choi Bau, Chinese Pork Mince in Lettuce Cups

Sang Choi Bau, Chinese Pork Mince in Lettuce Cups

I have finally found a great version to cook at home! Have been tweaking this for years and this is it. If you don't have an electric wok I recommend investing in one - I bought mine for $60 and it is amazing, and the high searing heat is essential for this dish, it imparts that smoky flavour to the pork and sauces that makes it so unique. If you don't have one make sure to get the pan as hot as possible before starting.



New Recipe! Walnut Tart

Walnut Tart

Recipe provided by my aunt Mary-Lou - she has a wonderful ability to pick recipes that are at the same time simple and special. This is delicious!