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Recipe of the Week - Armenian Nutmeg Cake

Armenian Nutmeg Cake

It is raining, great time for baking, and this cake has only a few simple ingredients plus the magic aroma of nutmeg to fill the house - so fragrant. I love eating this warm with ice cream, or as a tea cake once cooled.
Note the nutmeg grater which I purchased at Essential Ingredient Sydney - is a great gadget!



Recipe of the Week - Kata's Munja, Macedonian Chicken Soup with Paprika

Kata's Munja, Macedonian Chicken Soup with Paprika

This is a great example of authentic, home-style cooking, with a great chilli kick!


Recipe of the Week - Yoghurt Fruity Icy Poles

Yoghurt Fruity Icy Poles

Easy recipe to use up those punnets of berries, which are still great value right now, and will suit the warmer weather. Kids love them of course.


Recipe of the Week - Chao Shao Quick Roast Pork with Asian Coleslaw

Chao Shao Quick Roast Pork with Asian Coleslaw

Time for an easy midweek meal! One that suits the warmer weather too and is also light and healthy.


Recipe of the Week - Basil Pesto

Basil Pesto

Spring time brings with it the lovely herbs that thrive with the sun. This is so easy, particularly if you have a blender and are short on time, although traditionalists vow a mortar and pestle is the only way to make this. I use either depending on the day. This is so delicious simply tossed in pasta, drizzled over pizzas, in a chicken sandwich, over a hot baked potato with sour cream, the kids love it ... it is so versatile, and again - delicious!